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Humans have cultivated this plant since prehistoric times for its many uses: as a source of textile fiber, to extract the oil from its seeds, as a medicinal plant—there are written records of this use dating back to 2737 BC. C.—,3​ and as a psychotropic.

Its fiber has various uses, including the manufacture of clothing, ropes, industrial textiles and to obtain paper pulp. The oil from its seeds – hemp seeds – which does not contain cannabinoids can be used for fuel and food. The whole seeds, or the remains that remain after the extraction of the oil, are used as food for pets and for livestock.

Many of the cannabis strains have psychoactive properties. Low-THC varieties used to extract their fibers are often called “hemp”. “Marijuana” is a term used to describe the varieties that contain THC, and their buds, which are the unfertilized inflorescences of the female feet, in whose glandular hairs cannabinoids are synthesized and accumulate in greater proportion than in the rest of the plant .